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How to use Avenuevin

  1. About avenuevin
  2. How to Register
  3. How to Search for a wine
  4. Create the profile of a wine
  5. Tasting a wine
  6. Follow a wine taster
  7. Manage the profile of a bar, restaurant, cellar
  8. Geolocalisation

About avenuevin

Avenuevin is a website for professionals, amateurs, and beginners! Everyone is invited ! Manage your wine tasting online, comment, share. Professional, fun, instructive… Notes can be taken rapidly thanks to the intuitive and interactive wine tasting form. You can find where to buy or drink a wine around you. Bars, restaurants, cellars, put online your business and enjoy the site's functionalities to be geolocalised and be close to the wine amateurs

How to Register

To get full access to the site, you need to be registered and logged in. If you haven't created a user profile, register by clicking on the link on the welcome page. Once the registration form filled, you'll receive a confirmation email which includes a link to validate your profile. If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder.

How to Search for a wine

Use the search box labelled "search for a wine". The search works by keywords: vineyard names, appellation, region, country etc… the results are displayed as you type. Do not hesitate to start again a search with different keywords if no names are shown. If the search is still unsuccessful or if the results list is too big, hit the enter key to validate your entry. You will then be forwarded to a webpage which will propose you the full list or to create the profile of a wine.

Create the profile of a wine

If the search for a wine is unsuccessful, hit enter in the search bar. You will be then forwarded to a page which will allow you to create the profile of wine, by clicking on the button "add a wine" at the bottom of the page. Only the fields: domain, country, appellation, region and varietals are required for the creation of the wine. Be careful not to enter the millesimal when creating the wine profile, this will be done during a wine tasting. For french, spanish, italian and american wines, let yourself be guided by the propositions being displayed.

Tasting a wine

Open the wine profile page that you'd like to taste (if the wine is not in the database, please check the previous chapters to create a wine profile). Add the wine to your tasting club in clicking on the button "add to my tasting club" located on the top right of the profile. Once the wine added to your club, the options "edit wine" and "taste" are available. Click on the button "taste" to display the wine tasting form. Only the millesimal, the entries in the form of buttons, and the rating are required to validate the tasting session. If you feel like it, you can also enter the aromas, the scents or your impressions in the corresponding fields. To view the tasting notes, click on the link "view the form".

Follow a wine taster

You can follow a wine taster or an establishment to be noticed of their activities on the site (tasting sessions, discussions, etc..). Click on the user name anywhere on the winsome to go to their profile page. Click on "add to my contacts". To remove a contact, follow the same links, and click on "remove from my contacts".

Manage the profile of a bar, restaurant, cellar

Create an establishment profile

Only the users registered as professionals can create a page for an establishment. Open the main page for establishments by clicking on the main menu "Bars, restaurants, cellar…". Select the menu "add an establishment" on the right to access the profile creation page. On the name, activity and address of the business are compulsory. The other fields give you the possibility to give more information to the users. Do not forget to validate the address of your business by clicking "validate" to launch the analysis of your address by the website, which will result by a pop up window opening and displaying your address on a google map. If the address is correct, click on "save" to save it in the avenuevin database, so your business can be located by the users of avenuevin.

Add a wine in your business cellar

Open the page of the wine you would like to add to your business cellar. On the menu on the right, click "add to my business". In the window which shows up, click on the establisment(s) that you'd like to be associated with this wine and validate with the button "add".

Add a user to an establishment

You can add a member of avenuevin to your business so that person can manage also the establishment page (add wines, add news…). Click on the user name from anywhere on the website to access the user profile. Click on "add to my establishment". At anytime you can remove a user from the members list of your establishment. On the establishment page, on the right column, go through the action menus starting on the icon of the member you would like to remove and click "remove from establishment"

La géolocalisation

To enjoy the benefits of this functionality, you have to activate the localization module on your browser and accept to be localized when the question is asked. On the profile of a wine, you will find suggestions on the right column where you can see where to buy or drink the selected wine. Under the menu "bar, restaurants, cellars…" you will find all the establishments around you, from where you are connected to Internet.