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Birichino "Chenin blanc Jurassic Park vineyard"

Santa Ynez Valley, California, Etats Unis

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  • Birichino "Chenin blanc Jurassic Park vineyard"


Cuvée: Chenin blanc Jurassic Park vineyard
Appellation: Santa Ynez Valley
Région: California
Pays: United States
Cépages: Ungrafted Chenin blanc old vines
Type: Blanc
Composition du sol: Deep underground in the Cenozoic era, zooplankton transformed into crude oil and mineral detritus became sedimentary rock. Closer to the surface in the Holocene, silica and quartz returned to sand
Informations complémentaires (élevage, vinification..):

Natural yeast fermenting, aged sur lie in stainless and neutral barrel.

The suns rises high, the fog rolls out,the days warm up, the night brings cool, the fogs moves in.