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Danilo Thomain

Enfer d'Arvier DOC, Valle d'Aosta, Italy

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Danilo Thomain

Appellation: Enfer d'Arvier DOC
Region: Valle d'Aosta
Country: Italy
Varietals: Petit Rouge
Winemaker: Danilo Thomain
Type: Red
Additional informations (aging, vinification..):

Thomain owns one hectare of vines within the 5 hectare appellation known as “Enfer d’Arvier”.  He is the largest landowner and the only one who bottles his own wine commercially.

The vineyards are at high elevation (~900 mt) and are situated on relatively steep hillsides with the surrounding mountains forming a large protective bowl. This geological formation serves to trap the heat during the day (it then cools off considerably at night)